Infanta All-Natural Coconut Lambanog Vodka

Infanta All-Natural Coconut Lambanog

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Brand: Infanta Lambanog
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80 proof bottle of Infanta is the first and only award-winning spirit of its kind. The prestigious SF World Spirits Competition Double-Gold medal was unanimously awarded to Infanta as one of the best distilled spirits in the industry today. Infanta Lambanog is distilled from all natural coconut.

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Infanta All-Natural Coconut Lambanog
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By Anonymous on 12/27/2014

(5 of 5)
Very smooth! Excellent Lambanog!

By Anonymous on 12/29/2014

(5 of 5)
I've been looking for this everywhere!

By Anonymous on 1/3/2015

(5 of 5)
Smooth,great taste...

By Anonymous on 1/7/2015

(5 of 5)
We used to drink this back home before we moved to the states. this is one of the things i missed the most. I was excited when I saw the commercials on tv. Buying some for the family parties

By Anonymous on 1/17/2015

(5 of 5)
I tasted the Lambanog in one the Golf Tournament of Bantay Bata in Sunol.

By Anonymous on 8/1/2015

(5 of 5)
Unique - a must try!

By Anonymous on 8/21/2015

(5 of 5)
Great finish. Introduced it to a bunch of co-workers and they keep coming by my office asking for more.

By Anonymous on 10/11/2015

(5 of 5)
Surprisingly smooth!

By Anonymous on 11/5/2015

(5 of 5)
I know nothing about the Philippines but this is some good stuff. Definitely a returning customer!

By Anonymous on 12/18/2015

(5 of 5)
This is one good stuff! So smooth, you'll never know when you'll get hit! Good mixed but i love it on its own. Cheers!

By Anonymous on 12/24/2015

(5 of 5)
The liquor is wonderful!

By Anonymous on 1/30/2016

(5 of 5)
Product is AMAZING! and the staff at Holiday Wine are the best. Any problem, perceived or real, is immediately addressed and corrected.

By Anonymous on 2/26/2016

(4 of 5)
Infanta Lambanog is one of very few coconut blossom spirits available in North America, so as a spirit and tipple educator, I would probably buy it as long as it wasn't terrible. Having tasted other coconut blossom spirits (such as Rockland and Mendis coconut arracks), I can tell you that Infanta Lambanog is solidly of higher quality than many others. - Andrew of Elemental Mixology

By Anonymous on 3/10/2016

(5 of 5)
Holiday wine cellar I couldn't thank you enough for having this. But Draegers market around the corner of my house has it stocked now.

By Anonymous on 5/18/2016

(5 of 5)
A very impressive execution of the shipping packing solution - My product arrived with no issues. The fulfillment of my order was shorter than I had expected - Thank you!

By Anonymous on 8/23/2016

(5 of 5)
I wanna reorder. When is this going to be available?

By Anonymous on 9/10/2016

(5 of 5)
I went to 3 seafood city supermarket's looking for these. They're sold out at the San Diego locations. Thank you Holiday wine. I ended up buying 4 for a family party today

By Anonymous on 10/7/2016

(5 of 5)

By Anonymous on 12/30/2016

(5 of 5)
Finally, my bottle arrived! This is a perfect gift for my Filipino boyfriend!

By Anonymous on 5/7/2017

(5 of 5)
Great stuff

By Anonymous on 5/10/2017

(5 of 5)
I bouight one bottle for my filipino tito who works really hard for his family. 2 Jobs with 3 children and a loving wife and home. He loves them to death and doesn't sleep and humble. I wanted to show him that he's appreciated so I bought him this. Funny I found this on insta and I'm not even filipino

By Anonymous on 6/23/2017

(5 of 5)
Really good and no hangover.

By Anonymous on 7/11/2017

(5 of 5)
This stuff is good! So smooth. Friends are definetly loving it and asking for more!

By Anonymous on 11/15/2017

(5 of 5)
Tried this for the first time and it's way smoother than I expected. Definitely will share this with my friends and family.

By Anonymous on 12/23/2018

(5 of 5)
This is amazing! Love it so much.

By Anonymous on 5/28/2019

(5 of 5)
Is anyone else buying this because it was featured on The Filipino Channel?