Lightning Amber Ale

Lightning Amber Ale

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This is our American version of a UK “Premium Bitters.” Historically, UK Bitters have been ales made with local malt, moderate amounts of hops, lightly carbonated, and contained larger amounts of alcohol. Because of the balance of residual maltyness and hops, this beer is full-bodied yet very drinkable. Something that gents could put down a few of and still make it home to the Missus and kids with out too much trouble.Amber Ale

In some respects we have patterned the Lightning American Amber Ale after the classic Premium Bitters, but in other respects it is more malty, more bitter, higher in alcohol content, and at the same time smoother and more drinkable with a prolonged and enjoyable finish. This beer has been made by the head brewer since his graduate school days with very few changes. If you think back to the early 80s when hair was big and beer was little, there was a need for something more enjoyable. Being fed up with the available beer styles and trying to save a buck, a recipe was developed that made an American version of classic UK Premium Bitters. Using literally buckets of hops from homegrown hop plants in the backyard and a well stocked homebrew shop, the resulting beer was big, malty, hoppy and enjoyable. You might even say like a “bitters” but bigger and better. We have taken this beer one step further at the brewery by adapting the original recipe to make optimum use of our brewing and fermenting equipment. We include selected British malts in our recipe to bring out the beers’ hoppy character and carbonate naturally to smooth out any possible rough edges. We like to sat this beer is great at a backyard barbecue, but when served in a wine glass it can be enjoyed at any sit down dinner.

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Lightning Amber Ale
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